c This date is coming up quickly, so it’s time to get your business set up and ready. The government has provided extensive information about how to transition to STP, however, if you need someone to talk you through it, we are ready and able to help you find the best solution for your business.

The government understands that it will be difficult for some small businesses, especially micro-businesses with 1-4 employees, to make the transition, so flexible options are available. A register of low- and no-cost STP options for businesses that are unable to integrate STP reporting into their current payroll system has been created. If you usually rely on a registered tax agent for payroll services, they can report through STP for you. As an Arabon client, you will have access to Xero’s STP compliant payroll software making the transition even more manageable.

If you are unable to start reporting through Single Touch Payroll by 1 July, we can talk you through your options. For the first year of STP reporting, there will be no penalties for mistakes, missed or late reports, so you don’t have to stress while learning the system.

Businesses who have already transitioned, have said that STP makes payroll reporting easier.  So what are you waiting for?  Contact us before 21 June so we can help your small business be ready for 1 July.