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Would you buy a house with friends or relatives?

 It’s not uncommon for friends and relatives to band together to capitalise on the investment property market.  But what happens when it all goes wrong?

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Should Business Push a Social Agenda?

For years we’ve been told that consumers prefer businesses that take a stand on social issues – those that are environmentally and socially friendly. But is that always the case?

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ASIC targets growing companies in Audit crackdown

ASIC is in the midst of a concerted campaign targeting private companies that have outgrown the reporting exemptions.

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Main Residence Exemption Removed for Non-Residents

The Federal Budget announced that non-residents will no longer be able to access the main residence exemption for Capital Gains Tax (CGT) purposes from 9 May 2017 (Budget night).  Now that the draft legislation has been released, more details are available about how this exclusion will work.

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What Everyone Selling a Property Valued at $750K or More Needs to Know

Every vendor selling a property needs to prove that they are a resident of Australia for tax purposes unless they are happy for the purchaser to withhold a 12.5% withholding tax. From 1 July 2017, every individual selling a property with a sale value of $750,000 or more is affected.

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