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Arabon Business Accounting Super Concessions

Super Concessions for First Home Savers and Downsizers

Does superannuation offer an avenue to help downsizers and first home savers? The Government seems to think so. Late last month the detail of the housing initiatives announced in the Federal Budget were released for consultation. We explore what’s on offer and the implications.

Arabon Business Accounting GST imports

GST on imports: new rules for goods under $1,000

Last month, Parliament passed legislation that will see GST applied to all consumer imports regardless of their value. Currently, imports below $1,000 are excluded from GST. 

Arabon Business Accounting Family Business

Generational succession: Do your kids really want to take over your business?

Generational succession - handing your business across to your kids or family – sounds simple enough. But, many families end up in dispute right at the point when the parents, business, and children are most vulnerable. It’s important that generational succession is managed as closely and diligently as if you were selling your business to a stranger to avoid misunderstandings and disputes – you need to make sure that everyone understands what the transition will mean and everyone is aware of their role and responsibilities. 

Arabon Business Accounting Changes

What did I miss? 1 July changes.

The tax changes apply from July 1, 2017.

Arabon Business Accounting Asset Write Off

Why 90,000 more businesses can access the 20k instant asset write off this year. 

The popular $20,000 instant asset write-off for small business ends on 30 June 2017.  This concession enables small businesses to immediately write-off depreciable assets which cost less than $20,000.

Arabon Business Accounting Family Trusts

State tax warning for family trusts

Recent changes to State laws may trigger a surprise tax bill for family trusts (discretionary trusts). 

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