Stressful! Being a start-up business, we were trying to undertake all accounting and financials in-house. Although we managed to get the basics done, Arabon took the stress away, freed up our valuable time and gave us practical advice we could trust. 

Why were you looking for a new accountant? 

Any reason for us creative types to get out of punching numbers was a total win! We were so busy with the running of our business we needed an accountant to do all of the leg work, so we could focus our energy on what we love doing most – design.

Where did you start your search?

We didn’t search. Arabon came highly recommended to us, so we were happy to go off that recommendation.

What made Arabon stand out from other options? 

We liked that Arabon was a family-owned business and we weren’t just a number to them. We felt a part of their extended family.

Were there any obstacles that almost prevented you from joining Arabon? If so, what were they? 


What convinced you to move your accounting to Arabon? 

Arabon offered a variety of flexible services we needed, along with practical advice that could help propel our business.

What has made you happiest when working with Arabon? 

When the Arabon team can answer all of our ridiculous questions – and not judge us for it. We also love their prompt service and attention to detail.

What have you been able to achieve since working with us? 

We have improved efficiency and increased profits.

What has exceeded your expectations? 

We’re always impressed when Arabon keeps us prepared for the future. They seem to be able to preempt the next hurdle and give us advice on how best we should jump over it.   

What is the main reason you would recommend our services? 

We would recommend Arabon because of their practical advice and attention to detail.