Happy Minds is a psychology practice offering effective and engaging approaches that instil self-understanding among clients and encourage them to adopt new attitudes and feelings towards life situations.  Since opening the doors to the clinic in 2013, the husband and wife team of Dr Sacha Rombouts and Reyelle McKeever continue to provide clients in the greater Brisbane area a wide range of mental health services.  We recently sat down with Sacha and Reyelle to learn more about the importance of having a trusted business adviser and accountant on board when launching their own business and how Arabon continues to offer the support they need to grow and thrive.

What was it like before you were working with Arabon? 

We were working with Arabon for our personal tax needs before we started Happy Minds. When we were looking to start our own business, Michelle (our accountant at the time) and the Arabon team provided much needed advice and support in establishing the necessary financial framework to ensure we had a successful start.

Why were you looking for a new accountant? 

For our personal taxes, our previous accountant was no longer providing his services. He recommended Arabon to us and we’ve, in turn, recommended Arabon to several others.  We were in our first year of marriage, starting to develop our careers as professionals and building our lives together. It was important that we had support from an accountant to provide guidance.

What makes Arabon stand out from other accounting firms? 

We believe Arabon provides a great combination of personalised service with a comprehensive knowledge base to support customers both for individual and business needs. In addition, Arabon offers innovative strategies to help us reduce the time needed to manage our tax and superannuation needs.

Were there any obstacles that almost prevented you from joining Arabon? If so, what were they? 

No, as we were not with another accounting firm.

What convinced you to move your accounting to Arabon? 

We were quite inexperienced with taxation and accounting. When we met with Michelle for our initial appointment, she was informative and gave us great advice. It felt like we were not just ‘another client’ but that she was interested in what our goals were, personally and professionally.

What has made you happiest when working with Arabon? 

We really like that there is a personalised approach – we have the same accountant and bookkeeping team. They know us, they understand our needs and provide a bespoke service.

What have you been able to achieve since working with us? 

We have been able to set several financial goals, make decisions that have informed our business and helped it to succeed.

What has exceeded your expectations? 

Arabon’s advice and services have helped us to position ourselves where we can run a successful small business while still having enough downtime to do the things in life we love, like travelling.

What is the main reason you would recommend our services? 

Arabon is a large enough firm that they can meet the needs of clients at varying stages of their lives and careers, whilst being able to maintain that personalised approach with authenticity and passion for what they do.